Udara u vrata i jedva čeka da razvali Play the Beat Vol.1
novi serijal party-a koji ne smijete propustiti.

Serijal ce biti vođen mnogim domaćim i stranim gostujucim dj-ima, uz podršku naših jakih Riječkih snaga te popracen kao i uvijek odličnim ritmovima i plesom kojeg do sada niste vidjeli…

Play the Beat Vol.1 otvara otvara nas domacin,Tommy Marquez u glavnoj ulozi, a podrsku ce mu pruziti svima nam dobro poznati Dawizz, Dj Tommy, Igorritza & Dj Coa

All night long, no interruptions, just one continuous vibe in the room you’ve come to love and will love from 15.03. till the end.

Welcome to epicenter of hedonism by Galileo Bar Rijeka and producer of good vibeTommy Marquez.

Play that Beat Vol.1
Play that Beat Vol.1


Tommy Marquez, whose real name is Tomislav Pavletic was born in Rijeka (Croatia) in 1985. Interest in music is beginning to show already in the early days. The first performance was at a private party until the first true Presentation of the audience begins in 1999, playing in a famous Club in the city. For his performances say that Champagne and dancing madness because it always leads to the dance floor hot atmosphere and causes people to dance to madness. His musical style is varied but based on House music so you can expect from Funky Vocal House until Techhouse. As an artist he has a strong need to express them and show the audience the best release. After 13 years on the scene as a DJ came time to taste and production waters. Therefore it is a good reason to come and enjoy his performance, because believe me you will not regret it.





✧ Upad: 20kn / 30kn poslije pola noci
✧ Start: 22:00h

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