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SILICONE SOUL w/ Graeme Reedie / 12.03.2016. / Galileo bar

Galileo bar proudly presents SILICONE SOUL (Graeme Reedie)

GALILEO BAR / RIJEKA / 12.03.2016 / 22:00

– Graeme Reedie [Darkroom Dubs | UK]

[Pure Underground, Dita Records]


Ovog gospodina svi znamo, ali vrlo rijetko u ovoj ulozi.
Inace osoba s istancanim osjecajem za kvalitetu sounda i glazbe opcenito koju će ovom prilikom podijeliti s nama.


Since first appearing on Scotland’s seminal Soma label in 1998, DJ- production duo Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie, aka Silicone Soul, have occupied a special place in the over-crowded field of electronic dance music, mainly through the depth and quality of their recordings plus innate understanding
of music’s grand heritage and its constant development.
Silicone Soul is the perfect name to describe the way they cajole then sculpt every sonic ingredient from their machines with maximum care and emotion. They’ve always turned their heads away from vacuous trends to follow their passion and instincts, famously turning down Top Of The Pops for their top
ten hit ‘Right On’ but happy in the knowledge that every single they release kicks off in the underground clubs; esoteric, melodically-textured and underpinned by a compulsive, euphoric throb harking back to the earliest days of disco. Over
the course of their four albums so far, the pair have turned the often-tricky task of making a substantial electronic dance album into an art form, partly by remembering what made classic albums happen and last in the first place.

Craig and Graeme met at school but didn’t just rise from the rave, instead cutting their musical teeth on original punk ructions by The Stooges and MC5, while recognizing the groundbreaking innovations of the Rolling Stones and soul pioneers such as Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield (whose ‘Right
On For The Darkness’ provided a blueprint for their ‘Right On 4 Tha Darkness’). In the early 90s the duo became justifiably
addicted to the interstellar, drugged-out soul of Primal Scream’s Screamadelica and its attendant Andrew Weatherall
remixes. When they heard Orde and Stuart venting such at the opening night of Slam at the Arches the potential and euphoria of electronic dance music drenched their musical ambitions,
leading to them setting up their own independent record label, epth Perception in late 1996 (which included an early song called ‘Silicone Soul’). These releases caught the ears of Soma
supreme Dave Clarke and Slam, who had started Soma at the start of the decade and even then were counted among the
top UK dance labels with a formidable roster. Their underlying punk ethic has always been at the heart of Slam and Soma, which was enough to convince Craig and Graeme that this was the right label for them.
Early on, each release became an event; guaranteed
carnage at sweaty clubs and while the albums made headily compulsive home listening as panoramic visions in their own right.
Their tracks could be deep and exotic or roof raising in wild pitch style, while the sense of infinite space betrayed their fixation with Temptations producer Norman Whitfield.
Having established themselves as one of the most constantly surprising, thrilling and respected outfits they continue to blaze
a trail with their Darkroom Dubs label, standing as a bastion of deep electronic dance music for both the established and emerging producers of today with a back-catalogue now
spanning over twelve years.
As DJs they continue to traverse the globe, having held residencies at some of Europe’s most celebrated clubs (DC10, La Terrrazza, The Arches, Café d’Anvers). They now leave indelible footprints at the world’s most renowned venues – such
as London’s Fabric, the Sub Club, Glasgow and the Panorama Bar in Berlin – and with two BBC Radio 1 Essential Mixes under
their belts and a debut Boiler Room Berlin appearance last year, and are likely to do so for years to come; such is their
enduring vitality and passion.
There’s an emotional depth and subtle cinematic mischief running through Silicone Soul’s music of a sort rarely glimpsed in electronic dance music.
They’ve never copied the afore-mentioned musical heroes, but that same indefinable spirit
which drove them seems to have taken root in their creative juice dispenser and with a new album due for release in 2016, they’re alive and kicking down house heaven’s door.

‘…A name that encapsulates the marriage of the synthetic and the sincere at the heart of their music…not only one of Scotland’s most exciting and challenging dance acts, but Britain and beyond.’ – DJ Mag UK

► SUBOTA 12.03.2016.
► START: 22:00
► ENTRY: 50,00 kn



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● Croatia HaveFun
● Strictly Underground
● Pure Underground

NYE 2016. w/ Sinisa Tamamovic + +

Sjećate se prošle godine?

Pa ono što Vam možemo reći je………………….hajdemo to ponoviti ……………………više , bolje, jače, glasnije!

Željeli bi Vas sve pozvati da s nama provedete NYE u Galileo baru, gdje je glazba ono što želite čuti i gdje su svi Vaši prijatelji!

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe slavan je po svojoj uzrečici manje je više. Mi se u Galileo baru vodimo tom krilaticom minimalizma i vjerujemo da smo stvoreni za savršeno Silvestrovo. Manje mjesto – velika imena, veliki party!

Uz glazbu top DJ-a pomiješanu s odličnom energijom, vrhunskim ozvučenjem, a sve na krovu Rijeke među
zvijezdama biti će to doček za pamćenje.

Dopustite nam da Vam predstavimo naše najsjajnije zvijezde:

SINISA TAMAMOVIC je najsjajnija zvijezda na našem noćnom nebu.
Night Light Records / Sci Tec / Mindshake / London, UK

TOM JAY je svijetli dragulj našeg zvjezdanog susjedstva.
Underground Sky

DINO JUKIC je vrlo skromna mala zvijezda, nama iznimno draga- prvi puta nam je privukla pozornost 2010 godine i od tada reflektira .

DANIEL MAYA je prototip za čitav niz “bljeskajućih” zvijezdi ,patuljci koji imaju dosta eksplozivne osobine.

FAT LIMIT b2b JOSEPH SUCKON su dvije warm up zvijezde koje kruže jedna oko druge.

Sensing the call of the beat in the deep, tech and techno sound that swept the continent in the late 1990s, Bosnian knob-twiddler Sinisa Tamamovic hit his own decks with an endless string of gigs in his hometown of Banja Luka, Bosnia And Herzegovina. Nearly ten years on, Sinisa has established a reputation for throwing mind-numbing parties across Europe, attracting a legion of followers willing to cross borders to get a taste of his twisted techno, tech-house and minimal beats. Since 1999 Sinisa has successfully partnered with fellow Banja Luka DJ Mladen Tomic in their Urban Beat organization. Quickly recognizing a niche to fill in the recovering Bosnia, Urban Beat has evolved as probably the country’s foremost promoter of events and parties by booking top drawer international names to satisfy a hungry home crowd.
Sinisa has drawn a legion of followers by playing at numerous countries worldwide like Scotland, England, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Holland, Austria, Mexico, Costa Rica, United States, Ukraine, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia And Herzegovina etc. He played a few times at one of the biggest European festival, one being ‘Exit’ in Serbia to the most crazy places for partying like Kazantip Festival in Ukraine.
Since 2011 Sinisa is now evolving from his new base in London, UK.
His first original vinyl release came in December 2005. Since then, Sinisa has put out a stream of original tracks and remixes for the biggest international names and labels.In 2011, he continues with upcoming releases on Dubfire’s legendary label SCI+TEC Digital Audio and Umek’s 1605 Music Therapy , Mindshake Records, Plus 8 Records as well as expanding his own label Night Light Records with fresh talent and renowned names.
Recognized by unique sound by utilizing distinct organic drums, Sinisa reached Top 4 position on the tech house Beatport chart with the track ‘Who We Are’ that came out on 1605 Music Therapy and continued with another Top 4 track ‘Waking Up’ released on SCI+TEC Digital Audio. Also he collaborated on a track with Paco Osuna which was released on Richie Hawtin’s label Plus 8 Records and also in 2012 he popped out a remix for one of Umek’s original tracks.

Legend of Croatian electronic and club scene , his performances shaking dance floors all over the Croatian region . Tom Jay has had a successful release for Aquarius Records and German Thorntree records , as well as its own Sky Underground . We don’t have enough words so please read this .

Dino Jukic / Dee No was born in 1992. and from an early age showed interest in music. By the beginning of high school he is listening mostly alternative music (rock, punk …), but at 14 years old the first time specifically encounters with the world of electronics that very quickly takes up a large part in his life. Even then beginning to show great interest in playing music and with 16 years old buying his first DJ equipment and daily exercise and acquire the necessary knowledge and that same year (2009) received his first residency at Galileo Bar- Rijeka, where he stayed for over a year. After Galileo Bar he changed residence at Arca Fiumana where he meets his still good friend and fellow DJ Larry Picco who with his long experience even more focused and refined. Simultaneously, begins his breakthrough on the DJ scene in Rijeka in various bars and clubs (Club Nina 2 (R), Arca Fiumana (R), Oppet Bar (R), Cafe Metropolis (R), Little Cafe (R) …) but soon begin, and various performances and residencies outside Rijeka like. F – Club (Zagreb), Casa del Padrone (Krk), Porto Club (Baska), Beach Bar Insula (Njivice), Lanterna (Porec), Tuzimijada (Montenegro ), etc …He was a resident of Case del Padrone on the island and this is the second year (2013, 2015).
From this year he started the production of water and a few finished projects behind. Depending on the music that plays so is the other name.
Some of the names with whom he collaborated Marika Rossa (Ukraine), Petar Dundov (zg), Teo Harouda (zg), Lee Clarke (uk), Alex Long (si), Fabian Jakopetz (zg), Alen Milivojevic (bih) Adoo (pu), Lari Picco (ri), Chiwe Deejay (ri). etc. …..

DANIEL MAYA aka Pherrox
Daniel Maya / Daniel Marić is 20 years old DJ/Producer from Rijeka.He is recognizable by its warm and pleasant melodic house and techno sound.Last year he ends DJ Academy in Zagreb and gets recognition for best DJ in his generation.DJ Academy gives him the chance to play in House Reunion Festival with many famous DJ-s such as Riva Starr,David Morales,Yves Larock and many more.After DJ Academy he starts playing in Rijeka.So far he also played with few DJ-s/Producers such as Petar Dundov (zg) ,Alen Sforzina (pu), Adoo (pu) and Ogi (ri).

► ČETVRTAK 31.12.2015.
► START: 20:00
► ENTRY: presale (LIMITED) – 60,00 kn

on day of the event – 80,00 kn

01.01.2016. from 05:00 till 08:00 – 50,00 kn



● Klubska Scena
● GeTogether Rijeka
● Novi List
● Croatia HaveFun
●Strictly Underground

Galileo Bar & ‘pronus’ pres. Lee Clarke (uk)

‘House Freak’ iz Milton Keynes/a sa ‘otoka’, Lee Clarke, vlasnik izdavačke kuće ‘Tahanan’, svoju glazbenu karijeru započinje sa svojih 15. godina te je u međuvremenu surađivao sa mnogim poznatim glazbenicima diljem cijelog svijeta među kojim možemo izdvojit imena poput Terry Francis, Eddie Richards, Jordan Peak, Pete Dafeet, Roberto, Sek, Michael McLardy, Dudley Strangeways…

‘Good People – Great Music’ njegov je životni moto a svojim prepoznatljivim House & Techno zvukom Lee garantira odličan ples za sve posjetitelje.

Uz njega nastupit će vlasnik & suosnivač etiketa ‘Zwilling Records’ & ‘Forward Education’ iz Zagreba ‘The Wheel Man’ a za dobro zagrijavanje pobrinut će se od 22h Dino Jukić.


LEE CLARKE (uk) [Tahanan/Large Music/Zwilling]

THE WHEEL MAN (zg) [Household/Evasive]


START / 22
ENTRY / 30
END / 05


SNOW SHAKE – badnjak u Galileo baru

Line Up: Tom Jay, Amor, Marc Grabber, LinBer Lynx

Event Info:

24.12.2014. 22:00

Snow Shake

Snow Shake