Erasmus Space Responsible Party @ Galileo bar Rijeka; DJ Vince Teray (Spain)

A bit different type of party this time. SPACE PARTY!

A bit different type of party this time. SPACE PARTY!

Fan of Outer space, Aliens? This is just the right party for you.
Also, it is different because, in cooperation with Pernod Ricard Croatia, this party will also support the concept of Responsible party |
It’s a pan-European campaign to raise awareness among students about responsible drinking and contribute to the reduction of excessive and inappropriate consumption of alcohol among youth. This means – drink responsibly and win cool gadgets from our charming ambassadors!
Space outfits are more than welcome!

There’s also (let’s say obligatory) program before the party :)

A visit to the Astronomical Centre Rijeka

Astronomical Centre Rijeka is the only centre in Croatia which includes both the observatory and the planetarium. It is situated in an old World War II fortress on the top of the “Sv. Križ” hill (Holy Cross hill). Surrounded by vegetation it offers a beautiful view over Rijeka. The Astronomical Centre is also easily accessible by bus (7a line, last stop and then up the stairs).
Click the following link to see the exact location:

Free wi-fi available for all visitors to the centre.


19.00 sharp – Meeting in front of the Astronomical Centre Rijeka. The visiting plan goes as follows:

19.15 – An introduction lecture on one of the two topics of your choice: “Asteroids: a Threat to Earth” or “Solar System: Interesting Facts and Info” (Topic to be determined, 30-40 minutes. The lecture is in English).

20.00 – A movie projection in the planetarium, three title choices available, also to be determined: “Touching the Edge of the Universe”, “Kingdom of the Light”, “Two Small Pieces of Glass”.

Price per student: 20kn (10kn – lecture + 10kn – movie projection)

21.00 – Erasmus Space Responsible Party @ “Galileo Bar” at the same venue.


We’re looking forward to seeing you there!!! (aliens too)